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Eye Of The Storm

Julie Thompson

Release Date: 26/01/2015

Eye Of The Storm

Since her simultaneous debut/breakthrough alongside James Holden on the long ascribed classic ‘Nothing’, Julie Thompson has never been far from the minds and hearts of electronic music’s most discerning. She’s been the voice/front-woman on hits from a wide range of producers, Tiësto, the Freemasons, Sean Tyas and the Freestylers to name but a few. Through tracks like ‘My Enemy’, ‘No Frontiers’ and ‘Let Go’ she’s also notably become the vocal-muse/go-to-girl for Finnish high-fliers Super8 & Tab. Bringing her gifted lyricism and soul-sear vocals to the broadest possible spectrum of electronic dance music, Julie’s catalogue has come to encompass house, trance, progressive, dubstep, breakbeat, electro and many nexuses in between.

Now, five years after she first made the jump with the ‘Feeling For Corners’ album, Julie is once again crossing the threshold to assume the solo artist role.

Over 11 sensational tracks, written and recorded over the last 20 months, the British singer has crafted the follow-up that fans from across the electronic music lands have long sought. ‘Eye Of The Storm’ has all the expressive introspection, from-the-soul vocals, story-tell lyrics and absorbing metaphor of a singer without contemporary, all approached with her no-stylistic-borders methodology.
01. New Day
02. We Are Stars
03. Your Secret’s Safe (with Super8 & Tab)
04. Dive
05. Natural (with Ad Brown)
06. Fortune Smile
07. Eye Of The Storm (with Pyramid)
08. My Paradise (with Zachary Zamarripa)
09. Skin & Bones (with Andy Duguid)
10. Freeze
11. Loved (with Dragon & Jontron)

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