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Playa Del Lounge

Pedro Del Mar

Release Date: 23/07/2010

Playa Del Lounge



01. Pedro Del Mar - Playa Del Lounge (Intro Mix)

02. Pedro Del Mar & Blue Tente - You Left (Alexei Zakharov Ambient Mix)

03. The Movement - Rainmaker (Chillout Mix)

04. System F feat. Armin van Buuren - Exhale (Tim Besamusca's Lounge Mix)

05. Steve Forte Rio feat. Jes - Blossom (Lounge Mix)

06. Hysteria! - Talking Eyes (Chillout Mix)

07. Eximinds feat. Aelyn - I Feel You (Chillout Mix)

08. Daniel Loubscher - Never Give Up (Adam Ellis Short Mix)
09. DJ Hashish & DJ Kopin feat. Marcie - Someday (DJ Hashish's Chill Mix)

10. Pedro Del Mar - A New Beginning (Ole Van Bohm Chillout Mix)

11. Illitheas - Sunset Over Mooera (Chillout Mix)

12. Pit feat. Britta - Liquid Love (Chillout Mix)

13. The Chaser - Thinking About (Chillout Mix)

14. Derek The Bandit & James Nelson feat. Marcie - One (Original Mix)

15. Lost Soul - Strange Moments (Chillout Mix)

16. Zaa feat. Aneym - Dance With Me (Chillout Mix)

17. Konrad Blank - When The Sun Goes Down (Chillout Mix)

18. W.O.R.M. feat. Ira M - We Remember (Chillout Mix)

19. Danjo & aXess - Captivity (Chillout Mix)

20. Pedro Del Mar feat. Emma Lock – Guilty (Cafe Del Marco Torrance Mix)

21. System F - Cry (Unplugged Version)